Political Education

By Joe Roche

The National Re-Unite Ireland Campaign has been launched. All levels of our organization should be planning a local effort to gain as many completed endorsed messages of hope for a timely reunification of our ancestral homeland. Individual members should be aware that all related resolution-gaining materials are in the hands of their state presidents and the national directors assigned to their individual states.

We ask each brother and sister Hibernian to become a committee of one to review the sample resolutions provided to select his or her target group, be it a labor union, community organization or fraternal/social group. Each brother and sister Hibernian should then request a time when they could ask for support in gaining a resolution to gain a 32 “County Ireland.”

The “Action Alert Package” sent to each division includes a list of nine “Talking Points” that should be helpful in convincing interested groups that a Reunited Ireland would bring peace and stability to that troubled part of the world.

You might ask what to do with the completed resolutions from your local area? First and foremost, publicize the accomplishment in your local news in an effort to educate the public that Ireland is still divided and in need of our country’s assistance and public support.

Second, if you have started small and got a local union or school board to complete a resolution, use that as a spring board for a larger elected body such as a city council or state legislature. They could be influenced by your success.

Our ultimate goal for the campaign is to gain as many certified resolutions to be presented to our country’s leaders to convince them that it is the will of the people that Ireland should be free and united from sea to sea and to be able to form their our destiny.

So that we can recognize your efforts properly, please send your completed resolutions to Sean Pender and myself. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments – e-mail us. We’re here to help.

Remember, we all took an oath to work through legitimate means to secure a United Ireland.

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Joe Roche, P.E.C., jar32aoh@aol.com
Sean Pender, F.F.A.I., paddyspeed@yahoo.com