Major Degree Calendar

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Tara Court Major Degree Team of Suffolk County, NY

Sponsored by Suffolk County A.O.H. Division 3, Kings Park, NY will Exemplify the Major Degrees at:

Division 7 Hall – 65 Champlin Ave., East Islip, NY

Candidates are to arrive by 9:00am.    The Degree will begin promptly at 10:00am.
There is a $20.00 Registration Fee.    Candidates are requested to wear jacket and tie.

Contact: Walter Butler 631-736-2171
Special Note:

This particular degree will have special significance.
Jack McKean – Chief of Escorts – the last charter member of our team, will be retiring, this is his last degree.
Mike McCormack – the Bard, and Ed Snyder – Ard Ri, are both coming out of retirement to honor Jack,
making this the final degree for 3 of the most respected and legendary characters of any team in the nation.
Anyone with a degree is encouraged to witness this, and to pay their respects to these men who have dedicated
decades of service to thousands of their brother Hibernians.    They deserve it.

Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,
Jeff Nisler, Secretary, Tara Court Major Degree Team

We welcome Qualified Candidates for the Major Degrees, and also welcome Officers, Sponsors, and all Major Degreed Members to witness
these candidates learn the Lessons and take the Test of Our Order, in accordance to our laws.