In addressing the continued miscarriage of justice by the Diplock Courts of the British government, the National FFAI Co-Chairmen of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America are requesting the help and support of all of our Brothers, Sisters and supporters of Freedom For All Ireland in bringing closure to the unjust conviction of John Paul Wooten and Brendan McConville in the 2009 murder of PSNI Constable Steven Carroll in Craigavon, Co. Armagh. Both men have maintained their innocence since … [Read more...]

Press Release from the Anti-Defamation Chairman concerning British Channel 4 TV Commissioning a Comedy Based on “The Great Hunger”


The Ancient Order of Hibernians condemns the commissioning of a new comedy series by Channel 4 Television Corporation entitled “Hungry” based on the events of Ireland’s “Great Hunger” also known as the Famine. The Ancient Order of Hibernians finds outrageous that an event in which, at minimum, one million Irish people died and another million were forced to emigrate should be considered by TV Channel 4 and writer Hugh Travers as a fit basis for a comedy series. Per AOH National … [Read more...]

AOH Immigration on Executive Action by President Obama

immigration pin 150x150

On November 20 2014, US President Barack Obama announced Executive Orders on Deferred Action for some immigrants. This serves as tremendous relief from threat of deportation for Irish families with US born Children. Also Irish work visa holders, as well as their spouses, now have eased ability to apply for permanent resident visas and move between jobs in the US, which was very difficult in the past. The Executive Order doesn't affect the undocumented status of those who arrived here after … [Read more...]

Don’t be “Tricked” into Supporting Irish Defamation in March, by purchasing from Spirit Halloween in October


In a few short weeks, millions of Americans, particularly children, will be engaged in the joyous celebration that is Halloween. This festive holiday is another of the gifts that Irish Immigrants have brought to America; its origin and customs dating back to the ancient Gaelic holiday of Samhain, which was not only the start of that culture’s new year, but had as its central message the struggle between the forces of light and darkness. It is with this in mind that the Ancient Order of … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly: “Part of the Fault is With the Irish” for Ethnic Stereotypes


Bill O'Reilly has thrown a challenge to all Hibernians; stating that part of the reason our Heritage is subjected to abuse that would not be tolerated if the target was any other ethnic group is because there is "No Organized Irish Concern" that defends Irish Heritage and culture.  Well Mr. O'Reilly, there is a "Organized Irish Concern" that has been defending our faith and heritage since 1836: The Ancient Order of Hibernians.  Brothers, how will you answer the challenge?  Are we going to let it … [Read more...]

Secretary Emeritus Tom McNabb Reconized By Congress


RECOGNIZING THOMAS MCNABB ON COMPLETION OF 30 YEARS AS THE NATIONAL SECRETARY OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANS OF AMERICA HON. DANIEL B. MAFFEI OF NEW YORK IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Thursday, July 31, 2014 Mr. MAFFEI. Mr. Speaker, I rise today torecognize Thomas McNabb on his completion of 30 years as the National Secretary of the Ancient Order of Hibernians of America (AOH). Thomas McNabb was born and raised in Auburn, New York, where he joined the Auburn Hibernian Division in … [Read more...]

Give Walmart Your “Input” as Regards Merchandise Defaming Irish Americans

Walmart's defaming "I may not be Irish, but I can Drink Like One Shirt"

Brothers, I would like to update you on an item from the last issue of Hibernian Digest.  As you will recall Walmart was selling several shirts fostering negative stereotypes and promoting ignorant misrepresentations of Irish Americans.  Among the items sold was a shirt “I May Not Be Irish, but I Can Drink Like One”, another “Blame the Irish for My Behavior” and finally what has to be the hands down winner in the questionable judgment/bad taste award the shamrock festooned “Irish I Could Drink” … [Read more...]

Barry Memorial Dedication


Video of the Barry Memorial Dedication that took place last month.   … [Read more...]

Convention Clarification


Please be advised of the following correction and clarification in the call to convention. Requests for donations are required 30 day’s prior to the convention in accordance with: ARTICLE XXIV DONATIONS OR CONTRIBUTIONS: Section 1. No donation of $500.00 or more shall be made by the National Board without the National Secretary first submitting the matter to a vote of all members of the National Board. (By a majority of the members of the National Board Voting). No request for charitable … [Read more...]

Immigration Pin Presentations


It looks like the count for just 30 days last month will be over 100 current members out of 535 Members of Congress!!! That is no small feat! It's great that champions of our cause like Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin and Bruce Morrison, were all at the beginning of the month and the month ended with Nancy Pelosi getting pinned. That's not counting other legislators, and people like Ambassador Anderson and CG Noel Kilkenny who wore theirs for the entire month! … [Read more...]