From the Desk of President McKay Dear Brothers, This is the first of what will be a monthly “AOH UPDATE” touching on some of the key issues we face in a timely manner. Within these updates we hope to address issues pertaining to all facets of the AOH. This inaugural update includes an article on Brexit from our political education chairman as well as an article from Catholic Action. Because of the recent developments in Ireland regarding the exit of Britain from the EU, I have formed an … [Read more...]



From the Desk of Neil Cosgrove Political Education Chairman   Brexit and its consequence to the Northern Irish Peace Process On June 23, 2016, the voters of the United Kingdom voted to remake the map of Europe and leave the European Union (EU).  The motivation for this mandate can be simplified to two reasons: (1) a frustration with an alien and seemingly detached alien government (sound familiar?) based in Brussels enacting policies and decisions that were felt to impinge on … [Read more...]

AOH UPDATE – Catholic Action


From the Desk of John Fitzmorris Catholic Action Chairman CATHOLIC CHURCHES AFFECTED BY THE FLOODING IN LOUISIANA AND THE WILDFIRES IN CALIFORNIA The might of Mother Nature has again exacted a heavy toll on the citizens of Louisiana and those in California as historic floods and devastating wildfires has robbed people of their homes and possessions.  Fortunately, loss of life has been kept to a minimum, but the human suffering continues.  Tangipahoa Parish, fifty miles to the northwest … [Read more...]

Congratulations to Our Newly Elected National Board


Liam McNabb, Tom O'Donnell, Dan Dennehy, John Wilson, Denny Parks, Bill Sullivan Jere Cole, Judge James McKay, Danny O"Connell, Sean Pender   President James McKay - New Orleans, LA Vice President Daniel O'Connell - Girard, OH Secretary Jere E. Cole, Jr. - Roseland, NJ Treasurer Sean Pender - Hamilton, NJ Directors Daniel Dennehy - Cortlandt Manor, NY Liam McNabb - … [Read more...]

JFK Memorial Medal awarded to Major General Patrick Brady.


The Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, awarded their highest honor, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Medal, to Major General Patrick Brady. While in Vietnam General Brady was awarded the Medal of Honor for a series of rescues, which began at sunrise and ended after dark. Repeatedly competent advisors warned him that the missions were impossible due to weather, the enemy situation, and mines. On three different missions and six tasks, Major Brady … [Read more...]

Political Education: In the Wake of the Historic Brexit Vote, Hibernians Call for a Vote on a Reunified Ireland


New City, New York – 6/29/2016– The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) In the wake of the historic vote by the citizens of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, the Ancient Order of Hibernians calls for a vote, as provided for in the Good Friday Agreement, to allow the citizens of Northern Ireland to decide if they wish to leave the United Kingdom and to reunify with the Irish Republic and the European Union. Per National President Brendan Moore: “For those who seek a reunification … [Read more...]



As National Immigration Chair of the Ancient Order of Hibernian in America Inc., I welcome the appointment of the first ever US based Irish Senate member to represent Irish Immigrants abroad, Billy Lawless.  Billy Lawless, a Chicago based, Irish born business owner and recent US citizen will represent the interests of the Irish abroad. Mr. Lawless is a tireless advocate for Irish Immigrants, and as such, an ally of the AOH in our work on the issue.  Celine Kennelly, President of the … [Read more...]

Statement From the Anti-Defamation Chair Regarding Charges of Discrimination Against Irish J-1 Students in Berkeley, California


For release 05:00PM EST 6/1/2016 The Ancient Order of Hibernians Calls on Mayor Tom Bates and the City of Berkeley to Actively Investigate and Prosecute Rental Discrimination Targeting Irish Students New City, New York – 6/1/2016 – The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) calls on City of Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates to investigate charges of discrimination by landlords of his city against Irish students solely on the basis of their ethnicity and prosecute where found to exist to the full … [Read more...]

Help Honor a Great Irish Patriot, Rename “Reservation number 302” to “Robert Emmet Park”


Currently there is an effort underway spearheaded by AOH JFK Division 5 and the IAUC to officially rename the park bordering Massachusetts Ave and 24th Street NW in Washington, DC in honor of Irish Patriot Robert Emmet.   The parks chief feature in in fact an impressive statue of Robert Emmett that was erected 50 years ago on April 22, 1966 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Rising, it is only fitting that we as Hibernians now finish the job for the 100th.  The park is currently named … [Read more...]

Amazon’s St. Patrick’s Day Merchandise are “Prime” Examples of Bigoted Stereotypes.


The Ancient Order of Hibernians denounces the defaming stereotypes targeting people of Irish heritage being promoted by merchandise sold by Many of these items contemptibly conflate Irishness with drunkenness and promote a glorified image of binge drinking targeting young people.  A small sampling of the items being sold includes: “Straight Outta F*ck It Let's Drink” St. Patrick's Day Triblend T-Shirt “Kiss Me I'm Irish Or Drunk Or Whatever” St. Patrick’s Day Baseball Sleeve … [Read more...]