AOH Update – February


From the Desk of President McKay Brothers, The green season is upon us and we need every Hibernian to put our best foot forward. This is the time everyone celebrates their Irish Catholic Heritage just a little bit more than they do the rest of the year. This is why we are asking each and every Hibernian to recruit at least one new members by your April division meeting. Your recruit may be a family member, a friend, or someone you meet at the many St. Patrick Day Celebrations. Your job is to … [Read more...]

AOH Update – January


From the Desk of President McKay Brothers, Two weeks from today many Hibernians will converge on Washington DC for the annual Pro Life March and Hibernian Pro Life Breakfast. I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. It is also important that those of us unable to attend the march participate your local Pro Life events. I suggest that your next meeting will be a great time for additional focus on our Pro Life Efforts. Brother Walsh, National Pro Life Chairman has provided and update … [Read more...]

Why We March


“My March Each Year Is A Work of Mercy” Growing up as a public school kid in New Jersey, the March for Life was something I only heard about in our church bulletin once a year.  It took until college at Catholic University for me to fully understand the reason behind the March; but even then I was critical of the effort, believing students were more eager to get a ‘day off’ than stand up for the unborn.  While the numerous high school students sleeping in CUA’s gymnasium were impressive, … [Read more...]

Recruiting – Organizer’s Update


It’s no secret; Our Order has seen a substantial decrease in membership over the last ten years. Many factors attribute to the decrease; aging membership, lack of interest, failure to engage members, changes in society, generational differences, lack of recruiting, just to name a few. Take your pick, every division in the country has run into one, if not all of these problems. So let’s look at ways to solve some of these problems: Problem: Aging Membership:   We need younger Members who are … [Read more...]

The Ancient Order of Hibernians Supports the Decision of Martin McGuinness to Resign as Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister, Calls for U.S. Re-engagement in the Peace Process


New City, New York – 01/10/17 – The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) On January 9, 2017, Martin McGuinness resigned from the role of Deputy First Minister that he has held for ten years.  During his tenure, Mr. McGuinness and Sinn Fein have worked tirelessly for the betterment of all communities of Northern Ireland.  However, the continuing intransigence by members of the DUP to embrace the core principles of equality and respect that are the basis of the Good Friday Agreement, the growing … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from the AOH National Board


From the Desk of President McKay Brothers, Merry Christmas to you and your family from the McKay's. Please take a moment to enjoy two brilliant Christmas Articles from National Historian Mike McCormack and Christmas Greetings from some of your National Board members. AMERICA'S FIRST CHRISTMAS CARDS CHRISTMAS IN IRELAND In our Motto, James F. McKay III Irish Christmas Blessing The light of the Christmas star to you, The warmth of home and hearth to you, The cheer and good will of … [Read more...]



In 1982, archeologist Dr. Robert Pyle investigated a petroglyph, or rock carving, in Wyoming County, West Virginia. Many such carvings exist whose origins are shrouded in mystery, but Pyle thought this one unique for the carving looked like early runic writing.  He lychen-dated it as having been carved between 500 and 700 AD.  He recorded every detail of the carving in 18 separate visits, and gave the story to a local newspaper.  A reader clipped the article and sent it to the West Virginia … [Read more...]



The Christmas season in Ireland is a happy combination of modern and ancient customs that combine to bring a unique meaning to this special time of year.  While Christmas shopping, decorated trees, and Santa Claus are evident everywhere, traditional customs that signify the true meaning of this holy season still remain in small towns and villages where some people still celebrate the holy feast as their ancestors had for generations. On Christmas Eve, the windows are decorated with garlands … [Read more...]

AOH Update – December


From the Desk of President McKay Brothers, Christmas is upon us and many divisions are in the process of installing new officers and hosting Christmas parties. We wish you all success as we move forward and continue to grow the premier Irish Catholic Organization in the USA. Once your installation is complete please send in an updated Form-9 so the National and State Boards know whom you new officers are. This should be completed every time there is any change in you officers at every … [Read more...]

AOH Update – Hibernian Charity


From: Ted M. Sullivan, Chairman of Charities and Missions On behalf of the AOH and Hibernian Charity I would like to extend a Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your families. As part of our Motto, Charity is the heart of our Faith and Organization. The Mission of the Hibernian Charity is to support the Constitutional Purpose of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America as they seek to, enhance, and protect our Catholic Church as well as Irish History, Culture, and aid our Membership … [Read more...]