Give Walmart Your “Input” as Regards Merchandise Defaming Irish Americans

Walmart's defaming "I may not be Irish, but I can Drink Like One Shirt"

Brothers, I would like to update you on an item from the last issue of Hibernian Digest.  As you will recall Walmart was selling several shirts fostering negative stereotypes and promoting ignorant misrepresentations of Irish Americans.  Among the items sold was a shirt “I May Not Be Irish, but I Can Drink Like One”, another “Blame the Irish for My Behavior” and finally what has to be the hands down winner in the questionable judgment/bad taste award the shamrock festooned “Irish I Could Drink” … [Read more...]

Press Release From the Anti-Defamation Chair Concerning the Sale by Walmart of Defaming Merchandise Targeting Irish Americans

Walmart's defaming "I may not be Irish, but I can Drink Like One Shirt"

The Ancient Order of Hibernians calls on national retailer Walmart to immediately cease the sale of defaming merchandise targeting Irish Americans. Among items being sold are T-Shirts with such phrases as “I may not be Irish, but I Can Drink like One” and “Blame the Irish for My Behavior”.   These items are an outrage to those whose Irish Heritage traces to hard working Irish immigrants, not to a beer bottle, and seek in March, which is Irish American Heritage Month, to see their culture … [Read more...]

Anti-Def: Bed Bath and Beyond (a win in defense of our heritage!)


The AOH’s actions in protest to the denigrating merchandise being sold by Bed, Bath & Beyond’s  Christmas Tree Shops division were subsequently reported in Irish Central and the Irish Voice; bringing our commitment to defend our heritage to the attention of the  broader Irish and Irish American community.  This evening we received a message from Bed, Bath and Beyond stating they are removing the offensive  items from their shelves and will sensitize their buyers as regard items which are … [Read more...]

Anti-Def: Bed Bath and Beyond


The first signs of spring and the forthcoming St. Patrick’s Day season have been spotted; the sale of merchandise defaming our proud heritage as Irish Americans has begun.  Several items denigrating Irish Americans and the feast of our Patron Saint were recently seen at a Christmas Tree Shop, which is a subdivision of major retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Among them were a four leaf clover festooned beer glass with the phrase “I’ll be Irish in a few Beers”, a set of green suspenders with two … [Read more...]

Immigration Alert


Now is the time to pass just and compassionate immigration reform Take Action! Send this electronic postcard to your U.S. Representatives and Senators asking that they pass just and compassionate immigration reform legislation in the 113th Congress. Simply click on the postcard below or the “Take Action” link on the right to send the postcard. Go to for more information. After you have sent the postcard to your Washington, DC lawmakers, forward this … [Read more...]

Ancient Order of Hibernians Revisit An Gorta Mor Awards

Witnessing-Their-Eviction-- Martin Driscoll

An Gorta Mor Award APPLICATION Hibernian Hunger Project of the Ancient Order of Hibernians Funded Through the Hibernian Charity Description of Award  “The An Gorta Mor Awards were created by The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America’s Hibernian Charity to honor the people of Ireland who survived the Great Hunger and initiated the Irish Diaspora, those who were forced to flee Ireland, in our case to North America, to survive the starvation and disease.  It is our belief that no other … [Read more...]

Immigration Reform

irish immigrants

Your help on Comprehensive Immigration Reform is still needed. Sincere thanks to the many Hibernian Brothers and Sisters who have already made calls to their Congressional Representatives on Comprehensive Immigration Reform. If you have yet to make the call, here are the simple, yet important, steps:   1) Please call your member of the House of Representatives today. The number for the Congressional Switchboard is (202) 224-3121. 2) Give your zip code when requested and ask to … [Read more...]

Letter to Mayor Bloomberg Regarding Kevin Bell


June 20, 2013 The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg Mayor, City of New York City Hall New York, NY 10007     Dear Mayor Bloomberg:   As the National Anti-Defamation Chairman of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the oldest and largest Irish American Catholic Organization in America,   I am writing to you regarding the tragic and reprehensible event that occurred on 16 June in the Bronx.   As I hope you are by now aware, on that date a young Irish immigrant, … [Read more...]

A Letter from the Anti-Defamation Chair regarding comments made by Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee


OSU prez jabs Notre Dame, Catholics   May 31, 2013 Governor John R. Kasich Riffe Center, 30th Floor 77 South High Street Columbus, OH 43215-6117 Governor Kasich:   I am writing to you as the national Anti-Defamation Chairman of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, at 35,000 members the largest and oldest Irish Catholic Organization in America, regarding the recent comments by President E. Gordon Gee of Ohio State University.  As you are no doubt aware, President Gee made … [Read more...]

AOH Protests Spencer’s

3-10-2013 11-34-43 PM

by Neil Cosgrove   New York News | NYC Breaking News I regret to say that once again our proud and noble heritage is under attack by the forces of ignorance, prejudice and corporations that will peddle anything for a dollar.  Once again Spencer’s, Urban Outfitters and Wal-Mart are selling shirts and novelties that seem to have sprung from the 19th Century pen of bigoted nativist cartoonist Thomas Nast.  Among some of the items on offer this year: A hat with “Irish Girl Wasted”  … [Read more...]