Reasons for Learning: An Gorta Mor – The Great Hunger

A One-Hour DVD in four parts explaining AN GORTA MOR, its causes, its description and its legacy.
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The Ancient Order of Hibernians, America’s largest Irish Cultural organization, has assembled the information contained in this site to advance the understanding of An Gorta Mor – Ireland’s Great Hunger from 1845 through 1851 and beyond – a tragic time in world history whose impact has yet to be truly recognized.  There are only two instances in history in which ethnic cleansing has been perpetrated against a people not as a reprisal for rebellion, civil strife nor political retaliation. Those two are the Holocaust and An Gorta Mor.

The four short video clips provide the reasons why we should learn of this tragedy, its causes, its description and its legacy.  Why was it called a famine when there was plenty of food grown and exported?  Why was a charitable world discouraged from relieving the distress?  Why was emigration the only solution for so many?  The answers, and much more, are here to examine.

The videos are supplemented by eight document-based questions to assess the comprehension of the viewers and six enjoyable exercises to familiarize the viewer with the terminology of the tragedy.

It is our hope that after reviewing this data, you will share it with your peers and charges so that we may all be more sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate among us for, after all, we are all God’s children.Click on the desired title to retrieve the item.


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The Reasons (14:52)

The Causes (10:02)

The Hunger (18:01)

The Legacy (16:45)

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