this joyous day, the Feast Day of our Beloved Patron Saint, Patrick of Ireland…

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

I greet you on this joyous day, the Feast Day of our Beloved Patron Saint, Patrick of Ireland. I pray that
you are being blessed this day through a good and jubilant celebration. I am preparing to celebrate Mass
at noon her at Franciscan University for the intention of the many members of my family, living and
deceased, who share the name of Patrick. It is one of the most precious gifts that I received from my
ordination: the ability to offer the most awesome celebration of Christ’s Paschal Mystery for those
whom I love.

I share this with you because I wanted you all to know, Hibernians near and far, that this past Sunday
Mass, March 15th, the Forth Sunday of Lent, I offered for YOU. I am sure that it is true for all of my fellow
chaplains of the AOH, but I love to exercise my priesthood for you, the men and women who are part of
our Hibernian Clan.

I wear a number of hats in my ministry serving God. (Both literally and figuratively.) But for the last
decade, one of the roles I have assumed that has brought me great joy, has been as an AOH chaplain.
And although I have moved several times, and will continue to move and relocate, I never forget to bring
those I have promised to pray for with me. And as a national chaplain, that now extends to all

This prayer connection is one of the most important purposes we find for the lives of the Saints. The
Saints are a part of our Church for us – the people of God. They are witnesses of faith for their own time
and for ours. They are special intercessors for us. They intercede for us, pray for us, before the very
throne of God. And they inspire us to intercede for one another on our common journey to Salvation.

And so as we remember today Saint Patrick: Hopefully we have been to Mass or will make an effort to
go before the day is out. Hopefully we have offered prayers today for our loved ones, who may be in
heaven, in purgatory waiting with great anticipation for the full Beatific Vision, or still with us here on
our earthly journey. Hopefully we lift each other up in prayer and love as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Let us always pray for our country America, for conversion and faith to take place in the hearts of all.
And through the intercession of Patrick, Brigid, and Fenian, let us continue to pray for Ireland. By the
Grace of God, may the isle of Erin, be renewed in its Christian Faith and be unified in peace, A Nation
Once Again.

God Bless You and Keep You.
Fr Timothy, T.O.R.

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