Bill O’Reilly: “Part of the Fault is With the Irish” for Ethnic Stereotypes

Bill O’Reilly has thrown a challenge to all Hibernians; stating that part of the reason our Heritage is subjected to abuse that would not be tolerated if the target was any other ethnic group is because there is “No Organized Irish Concern” that defends Irish Heritage and culture.  Well Mr. O’Reilly, there is a “Organized Irish Concern” that has been defending our faith and heritage since 1836: The Ancient Order of Hibernians.  Brothers, how will you answer the challenge?  Are we going to let it be said that we care less about our Heritage than other groups?  Will we by our silence encourage and legitimatize negative stereotypes that target our young people or will we like our forebears standup for our Heritage and defend it?  A good place to start is let Walmart know that we don’t  approve of items such as their “I may not be Irish, but I can Drink like one” shirt, see details here.

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