Anti-Def: Bed Bath and Beyond (a win in defense of our heritage!)

The AOH’s actions in protest to the denigrating merchandise being sold by Bed, Bath & Beyond’s  Christmas Tree Shops division were subsequently reported in Irish Central and the Irish Voice; bringing our commitment to defend our heritage to the attention of the  broader Irish and Irish American community.  This evening we received a message from Bed, Bath and Beyond stating they are removing the offensive  items from their shelves and will sensitize their buyers as regard items which are defaming  and promote negative stereotypes against Irish Americans.

Brothers, this is a step in the right direction that we as Hibernians can take pride in.  It disproves the fatalistic belief that we must to accept defamation at this time of year as “You’ll never change anything”.  When we as Hibernians and a Irish Americans speak with one voice, we can accomplish anything and in what better cause than in defense of our proud heritage.

With Thanks for Your Support.

Neil F. Cosgrove Anti-Defamation Chairman

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