Anti-Def: Bed Bath and Beyond

The first signs of spring and the forthcoming St. Patrick’s Day season have been spotted; the sale of merchandise defaming our proud heritage as Irish Americans has begun.  Several items denigrating Irish Americans and the feast of our Patron Saint were recently seen at a Christmas Tree Shop, which is a subdivision of major retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Among them were a four leaf clover festooned beer glass with the phrase “I’ll be Irish in a few Beers”, a set of green suspenders with two shot glasses attached and the phrase

“Irish for the Day” and the most egregious of all a “St. Patrick’s Day Calendar Spinner Game” comprising a game spinner and slots marked “1 Drink”, “2 Drinks”, “Everyone Drinks”, etc.  therefore both promoting Irish Defamation and binge drinking.

We have sent a mail to the corporate CEO Mr. Steven Temares, a copy of which can be found HERE.  We ask all Hibernians, as per their oath, to show their disdain  at the defamation of our heritage in the pursuit of profit.  We request that Hibernians, their families and friends to not patronize the Christmas Tree Shops nor Bed Bath & Beyond until these offensive items are removed from the shelves and Bed, Bath & Beyond issues an apology to all Irish American via their web site.   We also request you consider calling the Bed, Bath & Beyond Corporate offices at 908-688-0888, pressing 0 for the Operator and asking to speak to the Public Relations department and express your personal opposition to the sale of these defaming goods.

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