Ancient Order of Hibernians Revisit An Gorta Mor Awards

An Gorta Mor Award


Hibernian Hunger Project of the Ancient Order of Hibernians

Funded Through the Hibernian Charity

Description of Award 

“The An Gorta Mor Awards were created by The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America’s Hibernian Charity to honor the people of Ireland who survived the Great Hunger and initiated the Irish Diaspora, those who were forced to flee Ireland, in our case to North America, to survive the starvation and disease.  It is our belief that no other people on earth have more awareness or empathy for those in need than the Irish and the foundation of the Irish Diaspora, the members of the A.O.H.”


Eligibility for Award:

  1. An AOH Division or Board which sponsors or leads a project which aids others in greater need than ourselves.
  2. These projects may aid the homeless, those in need, the elderly, veterans, children, etc.
  3. The board applicant must have paid their division per capita and submitted their form #9 to the National Secretary in a timely manner for their application to be eligible to apply for the 2014 awards.
  4. The Awards will be assessed each quarter and a $500.00 grant will be issued to the division/board to be used to initiate funding for the division or boards Hunger Project or to continue the present project in 2014
  5. Each Calendar Quarter the Hibernian Charity Board will make the grants and the recipient division/board will not be eligible for another grant for thirty-six months
  6. The recipient division will be required to send 4-6 pictures of the event which will then be publicized in The Hibernian Digest and the Irish Echo at the end of each month or bi-monthly. We would also encourage that the project be given local publicity and state wide if possible. The pictures and accomplishments will be advertised on our AOH and Hibernian Charity Web Sites.
  7. Eligible projects should be in the division/boards local jurisdiction but the proceeds can be sent to a larger national charity if that is your stated goal.
  8. County and Division Boards are eligible for An Gorta Mor Awards.


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