The Passing of Bishop Norbert Dorsey

1361502074167From President Brendan Moore:

The expression “Out of sight, out of mind” is often, but not always true. It is certainly not true in the case of the AOH’s association with Bishop Dorsey. Many of us recall the fact that he served two terms as AOH National Chaplain during the “Gilligan Years.” His selection was a brilliant choice on the part of Tom Gilligan.

Bishop Dorsey brought not only a quiet eloquence to his role, but gifts of sincerity, piety, and intellect as well. During those four years as National Chaplain, his commitment to our Order never wavered, despite the fact that his Diocese of Orlando was expanding in leaps and bounds throughout that time.

To have a man such as Bishop Dorsey serving us was not only a privilege for us, but a tremendous blessing as well. His passing should be a reminder of how fortunate the AOH is and has been in having such dedicated and inspiring priests willing to serve in the role of Chaplain at every level of our Order.

I want to thank both Deputy National Chaplain Fr. Tom O’Donnell and Past National President Joe Roche (both presently in Florida) for their offer to represent the National Board at the upcoming funeral.

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