AOH, IAUC & Brehon Appeal to Kerry and Menendez

NY, NY & Wash. D. C. Feb. 10th  The leaders of the most active Irish-American groups in the U. S. renewed their attack on  Britain’s subpoena of records from the Irish archives of Boston College.  The two year battle has involved a challenge  by the Belfast Project researchers Ed Moloney & Anthony McIntyre to the misuse of the U. S.-U. K. Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) and    20 Members of Congress who not only share their concern but question  Britain’s commitment to the Irish peace process.  The confirmation of Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State and the elevation of Senator Robert Menendez to Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, two who have opposed the subpoenas, has given new strength to their cause.

“These leaders (Kerry & Menendez),” stated National President of the AOH Brendan Moore, ” have shown a willingness to listen to our arguments and to test our sincerity and credibility.  When presented with documentation  regarding threats to the Irish peace process and to the corruption of American laws, they have recognized our good faith.”

The President of the largest Brehon  Law Society in the nation,  Robert Dunne indicated:  “The Cameron government efforts to violate American treaties, policies and rights will not end with the death of  Delours Price or the  Moloney & McIntyre litigation decision  but with  a Senate hearing on the MLAT and the British corruption of its purpose.  To that end we have written to Senator Menendez and to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the opportunity to be heard.”

Attorney Thomas J. Burke Jr, National President of the Unity Conference concluded:  “We invite Americans to join us in expressing to Attorney General Holder and to Secretary of State Kerry strong opposition not only for this political misuse of the MLAT but to  British efforts to undermine  U. S. policy in support of the Irish peace pact.”

Letter to Senator Menendez

Letter to Secretary of State John Kerry

Letter to Sen. Harry Reid



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