President’s Message: On Moving Forward

We seem to be addicted to meetings. A necessary evil, meetings in whatever form are essential to the smooth running of the AOH and the attainment of its goals and purposes.

The October 2nd National Board conference call focused on projects and issues that are being addressed by your National Board.

  • National Vice President Jim McKay reported that the AOH Labels Program is not only up and running, but donations received to date were surpassing previous early stage amounts. (Please promote the AOH by using our labels on your mail and sending your donation to support National Board charitable projects.)
  • I provided an overview of the Irish Government’s request that the AOH partner in promoting the proposed James Connolly Commemoration.
  • Hibernian Charities Chairman Ned McGinley updated the Board on the success of the Barry Run, progress on the fabrication of the memorial itself, and associated costs, which Hibernian Charity will be covering.
  • Much of the meeting was given over to planning for the upcoming call with State Presidents.

The October 4th call, this Board’s first dialogue with State Presidents since the Turning Stone Convention, provided a very productive examination of views on a number of ongoing efforts, especially concerns at the state level. Highlights of that meeting were the following:

  • FFAI Chairman Sean Pender reviewed the Christmas Appeal mailing sent to all division presidents and took questions on the rationale and plans for moving
    the annual AOH trip to the North closer to Easter. (Please forward Christmas Appeal donations if you have not done so already.)
  • There is a need for State Presidents to keep National Officers informed as to when/where their respective State Board meetings will be taking place. Also,
    within the next few months the National Board will be reaching out to establish a calendar for all 2013 State Conventions.
  • National Legal Counsel Patrick Sturdy provided the Board with a refinement on the purpose and procedures for the Constitutional Review that has recently
    been launched under his chairmanship. (As indicated in the previous issue of The Digest, please keep in mind that: “All comments or proposals must be
    received no later than March 1, 2012.”)
  • National Webmaster Joe McDonald spoke of the progress being made in bringing the new member management information system online. He dwelt on the system’s capability for storing national, state, county, division, and individual data, as well as facilitating communication throughout the Order.

Save the Dates:
September 2013 is the anticipated target for the official dedication of The Commodore John Barry Memorial at the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.
October 5, 2013, is set for the Interim AOH National Board Meeting as prescribed in the National Constitution. (Related information elsewhere in this issue.)

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